Rider Profile

Angie Graziosi: Triathlete
Team: RideNet Sandbox
Height: 5'8 Weight: 148
Days/Month: 0 Miles YTD: 0 Days YTD: 0
Born: Forest Lake, Mn
Resides: Galena,OH
Occupation: Pilot
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite Ride: Love riding withy ladies peggy mer and lauren Favorite mtn bike ride is in Vail Co. Two Elk trail down the Minturn Mile
Favorite Quote: This to shall pass!
Why I Ride: I love the sites, speed, and how good I feel afterwards! I love my family but I do get to out and rip it up on the dirt and my roadbike!
My Commute: One of my favorite things to do is to take my three girls out and about on the trails up to Galena and back down thru Westerville
Other Years: