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Cbus Cycle Chic
2 BY 2012 Team
Columbus, OH 43215
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Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
Recreational Team
Columbus, OH 43220
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Friends of Consider Biking
2 BY 2012 Team
Columbus, OH 43214
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2 BY 2012 Team
Columbus, OH 43215
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The Ohio State University
2 BY 2012 Team
Columbus, OH 43210
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Westerville Bike Club
Recreational Team
Westerville, OH 43086
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  19 mile commute
Monday, Jan 20 • 9 days ago
Tooling around the neighborhood on the Cujo  7 mile workout
Sunday, Jan 12 • 17 days ago
Meeting Matt at Old Skool  2 mile errand
Monday, Jan 6 • 23 days ago
  19 mile commute
Thursday, Jan 2 • 27 days ago
Cloudy and chilly for Knockemstiff Dirty Road route. Not a ton of gravel. Much hillier than anticipated. I was dead the last 10 miles  41 mile workout
Saturday, Dec 28 • 32 days ago
Short Griggs loop  18 mile workout
Sunday, Dec 8 • 52 days ago
Homer gravel with Andrew  31 mile workout
Thursday, Dec 5 • 55 days ago
  19 mile commute
Sunday, Nov 24 • 66 days ago
Alum Creek trail with Andrew  30 mile workout
Thursday, Nov 21 • 69 days ago
Cloud party downtown  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Nov 20 • 70 days ago
Cloud party downtown  11 mile commute
Tuesday, Nov 19 • 71 days ago
Cloud party downtown  12 mile commute
Monday, Nov 18 • 72 days ago
Cloud party downtown  11 mile commute
Saturday, Nov 16 • 74 days ago
Cranksgiving! 47 lbs hauled  3 mile errand
Friday, Nov 15 • 75 days ago
Cranksgiving errands  4 mile errand
Monday, Nov 11 • 79 days ago
Ride with Harlow to The Hills to checkout the path situation for Cranksgiving  18 mile errand
Sunday, Nov 10 • 80 days ago
Mohawk Dam gravel  40 mile workout
Wednesday, Nov 6 • 84 days ago
Meeting Dad for lunch at Brewdog Franklinton  12 mile errand
Sunday, Nov 3 • 87 days ago
Cranksgiving donation hunting  3 mile errand
Tuesday, Oct 29 • 92 days ago
AW Marion MTB  9 mile workout
Monday, Oct 28 • 93 days ago
Quick ride with Harlow to campus to enjoy the mice weather before it’s gone  7 mile social
Friday, Oct 25 • 96 days ago
  19 mile commute
Saturday, Oct 19 • 102 days ago
Gran Fondo Hincapie. Intended to do the 80 mile but 40s and rain meant I cut it to 60. Still quite the challenge and a great event.  60 mile race
Thursday, Oct 17 • 104 days ago
Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville w/Whit and Harlow  12 mile social
Friday, Oct 11 • 110 days ago
  19 mile commute
Thursday, Oct 10 • 111 days ago
Beautiful night for the last PG Twilight Ride of the year  32 mile workout
Saturday, Oct 5 • 116 days ago
Blue Jay ride led by Cindy. Rode with Dad a lot but split off at the end to shorten distance and hills to get back for Will’s wedding  60 mile workout
Thursday, Oct 3 • 118 days ago
PG Twilight ride marred by multiple headlight issues. Rode hard though  27 mile workout
Tuesday, Oct 1 • 120 days ago
Hot, hard, hilly ride from bainbridge through pike lake state park. 90* in October!  52 mile workout
Friday, Sep 27 • 124 days ago
  19 mile commute