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The Ohio State University
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Westerville Bike Club
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Westerville, OH 43086
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Monday • 4 days ago
Eastern OH Gravel Trip w/Dad Day 2 - Egypt Valley  36 mile workout
Sunday • 5 days ago
Eastern OH Gravel Trip w/Dad Day 1 - Salt Fork  58 mile workout
Monday, Jul 19 • 11 days ago
Luckys  1 mile errand
Thursday, Jul 15 • 15 days ago
Dublin night ride with Andrew J. Graeters stop where we talked to awesome old randonneur dude, David  29 mile workout
Saturday, Jul 10 • 20 days ago
Alum creek trail to blacklick woods  57 mile workout
Monday, Jul 5 • 25 days ago
Hot, hilly, and hard COPC Pelotonia new hills ride. Nice group of about 25 with some of Dad’s friends.  63 mile workout
Sunday, Jul 4 • 26 days ago
Family ride to DooDah  10 mile errand
Saturday, Jul 3 • 27 days ago
UDF  1 mile errand
Friday, Jul 2 • 28 days ago
Perfect night for a ride up the trail and around Worthington hills with Andrew J  22 mile workout
Saturday, Jun 26 • 34 days ago
Greer gravel with dad. Hardest 33 miles I’ve ever done. 4100’ climbing! Big hill, turkey ridge, and 3 travel at your own risk roads.  33 mile workout
Thursday, Jun 24 • 36 days ago
Night ride w/Andrew B after getting Hank’s  21 mile social
PG  6 mile errand
Saturday, Jun 19 • 41 days ago
To peters bday party with Harlow  5 mile errand
Thursday, Jun 17 • 43 days ago
Nighttime Club Dr 10x  20 mile workout
Wednesday, Jun 16 • 44 days ago
Paradise garage with Harlow  7 mile errand
Tuesday, Jun 15 • 45 days ago
Drop off and pickup car for oil change  6 mile errand
Saturday, Jun 12 • 48 days ago
Camp Chase w/Andrew. Took battelle Darby greenway up to do a lap of the old horse track  45 mile workout
Friday, Jun 11 • 49 days ago
BrewDog to meet work friends  9 mile errand
Sunday, Jun 6 • 54 days ago
Hoover loop from J&S. Checked out new Galena Brick Trail. Rode through abandoned golf course. Saw a frog and a snake on the road. Hot.  24 mile workout
Friday, Jun 4 • 56 days ago
Wandering route to J&S for dinner. Cicadas were crazy in Minerva Park!  21 mile workout
Saturday, May 29 • 62 days ago
Honor Ride w/Dad. Did the 31 because it was in the 40s, windy, and misting. Stopped at Anma’s and the cemetery  33 mile workout
Wednesday, May 26 • 65 days ago
Nighttime Clintonville 1k climbing  13 mile workout
Friday, May 21 • 70 days ago
Kroger run for baby Tylenol after my ride with Andrew  2 mile errand
Night ride w/Andrew J up to Hoover  26 mile workout
Tuesday, May 18 • 73 days ago
Wandering night ride with Andrew B. Went past Evans house and he was out so he joined us. Campus and Vic Village  11 mile social
Sunday, May 16 • 75 days ago
Meeting Matt at Local Cantina  1 mile errand
Saturday, May 15 • 76 days ago
Bailey’s MTB Northern trails with Dad  17 mile workout
Wednesday, May 12 • 79 days ago
Blood donation  2 mile errand
Thursday, May 6 • 85 days ago
Playground trip with the kids  5 mile social
Saturday, May 1 • 90 days ago
More solo exploring out of Thornport. Found some more good roads, 3750 climbing! Chilly wind at start but beautiful sun.  35 mile workout